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05 Aug

Help Your Audience Climb the “Mountain” of Complexity

As a presenter, think about leading your audience on a hike up a mountain. Begin your talk at a low level of complexity, using plenty of demonstrations and illustrations....

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21 Jun

The Question Presenters Should Never Ask

As a presenter, you’ll find, questions constitute a wonderfully flexible and empowering tool. Questions help keep your audience members alert and receptive, initiating discussion and clarifying complex concepts. Questioning...

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18 Apr

Smile Like You Mean It – In-Person or Virtually

When it comes to the reward system in the human brain, smiling has been shown to be even more beneficial than chocolate. That’s because, research shows, smiling is related...

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24 Mar

Introducing…..the Presentation Buddy Blog

Who’s afraid of public speaking? Not you. Well, not really…. You’ve known for a long time that communicating ideas clearly to other people is what’s needed to advance your...

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