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“Talking and Telling ain’t Training or Selling!”
–David D. Doerrier

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Position yourself as a seasoned speaker by presenting and marketing yourself as a pro.

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Anyone can attempt to train, sell, or facilitate a meeting, but few are truly engaging.

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To be a memorable speaker, trainer, or presenter, you’ll need expert training.

Common Presentation Problems...

  • Feeling like your presentations need more, but you’re not quite sure what to do
  • Feeling a bit frustrated that you are not able to engage, inspire and connect with your audience
  • Feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and your presentations are going
    nowhere fast
  • Unable to bridge the gap between the needs of the audience to the subject
    of your speech

Solutions to Presentation Problems...

  • Craft and deliver a message that sticks
  • Learn the simple and easy-to-apply processes to increase sales and engage from any stage
  • Master foundational presentation skills – body language, eye contact, breathing, and proper use of voice
  • Break down barriers between you and the audience

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, come learn my strategies for nailing any presentation.

Get ready – with just a few helpful tips, I’ll have you captivating every audience – guaranteed!

David, thank you for helping me to polish my presentation skills. The way you structure your training makes it so easy to understand and implement….you definitely have a passion for teaching folks how to be impactful when presenting.
David G., CEO
If you need help with honing and leveling-up your presentation and training skills, I highly recommend David.
Kerry B., On-Camera Expert/Coach
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About David

A US Air Force retiree, David Doerrier went on to a highly successful career in industrial design, classroom facilitation, and corporate leadership training.


Today, David guides, speakers, trainers, and leaders through the process of recreating their presentations to achieve increased audience engagement.

David is dedicated to your speaking success. He makes it easy for you to share fears and anxiety. He is a true presentation skills coach. I highly recommend David!
Waqar W., Technical Sales and Business Development

Master the Mechanics

Are you a pro when it comes to public speaking? Having mastery over your presentation skills can have far-reaching effects in the workplace and beyond. From facilitating sessions, guiding team meetings or delivering formal speeches – never underestimate the power of articulation!


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