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Master Your Virtual Presentation Skills

Conducting virtual presentations, sales calls, meetings, trainings, and workshops can be a hot mess without the correct planning and engagement techniques. You need to engage the audience without being able to “feel” them in the way to which you’d become accustomed.

Many of the presentation skills and best practices you have used in-person can also be applied to virtual presentations. However, to come across as an expert, you need to understand the differences and make the necessary adjustments.

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David helps trainers and other presenters engage from any stage.

Taking a stand

Whether you stand or sit while presenting, appropriate body language and your surroundings communicates a message to your audience. Learn to create an on-camera environment that will engage your virtual audience without the reinforcement of immediate verbal and visual feedback.


Sustaining “eye contact”

Looking your audience in the eyes communicates confidence and belief in your product and point of view. Learn the skill of projecting credibility and establishing engagement through your “Virtual” eye contact.

​Modulating your voice

Learn to use the full range of your voice and tools to project emotion and forge connections virtually.

​David is a certified virtual and live presentation skills coach.

Mastering the mechanics

Nothing kills a presentation faster than a presenter who does not understand the technology. Learn how to turn your presentation into a fine tuned performance.

Setting the “Stage”

Whether you are facilitating training, a meeting, or a workshop you can increase your chances of success by “setting the stage” for your audience. Learn the simple techniques that will set you, your program, and your participants up for success.

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