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24 Mar

Introducing…..the Presentation Buddy Blog

Who’s afraid of public speaking? Not you. Well, not really…. You’ve known for a long time that communicating ideas clearly to other people is what’s needed to advance your career, grow your business, and promote causes you find important. And, because getting your ideas across to an audience is so key to success in each of those arenas, you’ve made it a point to become a better and better presenter.

The Presentation Buddy blog is designed to help you continue to make progress.  In precisely the way a workout buddy holds you accountable for your fitness goals, the Presentation Buddy blog is designed to keep you moving towards the goal of presenting your way to success.

The Presentation Buddy will do a lot more than keep you company during “workouts”. Just as physical fitness training focuses on more than one aspect of a healthy you – cardio-respiratory, injury prevention, muscle strength and flexibility, your effectiveness as a speaker involves a number of different skills. Whether you are a motivational speaker, a trainer, a sales rep, a panel facilitator, a teacher, or a member of the clergy, it’s going to take a combination of strengths to engage your listeners and create the desired outcomes.

Tune in bi-weekly for tips and training exercises. We’ll talk about everything from eye contact and voice inflection to visual aids and adult learning theory.

Any presenter’s “exercise” routine is sure to be a lot more enjoyable with a Presentation Buddy!


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